About Me



Work Experience

Intern Design Engineer - STMicroelectronics

June 2022 - Present (MEng Placement in Progress)

Working with the Special Projects Team for Technology for Optical Sensors within the Imaging division. Primarily designing schematics and IC layouts for simulation and implementation within the Cadence Virtuoso, currently engaged in ultra-low power energy harvesting applications with a particular focus on analogue electronics and IC layout design.


MEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Heriot-Watt University)

Final Year in Progress - Graduation June 2024

First Class Average (76%) - UKESF Scholarship

Other Pursuits

HWRACING Formula Student - Powertrain Division

September 2022 - May 2023

Design of a Distributed Accumulator Temperature Monitoring (DATM) system for a Formula Student tractive system accumulator

Co-authored “Self-Powered Ambient Light Sensor Using Energy Harvesting Pixels and Zero Power Communication” Conference Paper at IISW 2023, Crieff, Scotland

Other Skills